I have a gas storage hot water unit, (hwu) can I change it to an instantaneous hwu?

Anything is possible, but it comes down to costs. Your residence was designed for the hwu installed. You can install an instantaneous but it requires a 20mm gas line, and maybe an upgrade in pressure.

Usually storage hwu have only a 15mm gas pipe. It can be expensive to install a 20mm gas line back to the meter. Also you would require an electrician to fit a gpo. Storage has equal pressure at the shower, but some instantaneous have pressure problems while showering, which causes it to go hot and cold/ my advice, generally is to stick with what you have.

How do I measure my cooktop?

Measure the cut out size from underneath the bench top, i.e. 870mm x 450mm.

Can I get a bigger cooktop?

Yes, but it depends on clearances around and above the new cooktop. A larger hole can be cut in laminate, and also in stone.

Why does my shower go hot and cold?

You probably have an incorrect hwu for your usage, may be water or gas pressure problems, the hot water unit struggling with flow rate or your showerhead.

Why does my portable room heater smell?

Can be several things, and often a symptom of lack of servicing. Gas heaters need regular servicing. Energy safety recommends servicing to be carried out by a qualified gas fitter every 2-3 years. If it hasn’t been serviced for a long time give me a ring.

The flames from my inbuilt gas fire don’t appear to be as bright as normal?

This can be the first sign that the heater requires a service. Energy Safety recommends all gas heaters be serviced at least every 2-3 years by a qualified gas fitter.

I don’t have a gas bayonet in my new house, can one be fitted?

Yes a bayonet can be fitted, along with 2 snap vents in the same room for ventilation. Contact Us for a quote.

I can smell gas in the house, what should I do?

Turn of the gas isolation valve in your gas meter box, and call a registered gas fitter such as myself, who can test, trace and repair any gas leaks found.

I have no hot water?

Your gas or electric may be turned off, your pilot light is blown out or your hot water unit is having problems. Try the simple things then call me if it is not working.

Can I have a bayonet outside for a bbq?

Yes, most new bbqs can be converted from LPG to NG, saves running out of gas and replacing those bottles and the wrong time. A bayonet connection is a quick easy solution to cooking outside.