DISCLAIMER: * All prices quoted are based on standard “like for like” replacement and installations. All hot water unit installs are based on the assumption that the existing hot water unit due for replacement is located at the dwelling in compliance with all relevant laws. Prices quoted don’t include installation of additional valves if required.

Bosch 10P N/G Ext Pilot

  • 6 star efficiency
  • H 845mm W 405mm D 265mm
  • Provides 10L per minute
  • Best seller, cheap option for one bathroom dwelling
$1,145.00* Fully Installed

Bosch 16H

  • 10 Year warranty on heat exchange
  • 16L per minute
  • Hydro power ignition (no electric point required)
  • Suitable for 1-2 bathroom dwelling
$1,495.00* Fully Installed